Where Mitochondrial Disease Research Is Heading and more | December 23, 2019


December 23, 2019



What to Ask Yourself If You Want an Academic Research Career

You enjoy seeking out the answers to big problems. You aren’t frustrated when you can’t find a solution right away. You like collaborating with others in a lab. If this is you, you may be interested in…




LATP 2017 UniValle Course

The following videos are from the 2017 LATP course held by UniValle.




How to Prepare for a Science Policy Career

Are you interested in a career in science policy? Whether you are just beginning to explore your options or looking for ways to enhance your resume in anticipation of your job search, here are six tips…



Where Mitochondrial Disease Research Is Heading

Xinnan Wang is an assistant professor of neurosurgery at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She led a breakout group at the 2016 Neurobiology of Disease Workshop, From Pediatric Encephalopathy to Alzheimer’s: Linking Mitochondria to Neurological Diseases, and presented in the 2017 follow-up webinar, Linking Mitochondria to Neurological Disease. Here, she shares what inspired her to work in…



What You Should Know About Pharma and Biotech Jobs

In A Look at One Neuroscientist’s Career in Pharma and Biotech, Khan Ozol, a neuroscientist and global head of talent scouting at Novartis, shared his career journey and how he got to where he is…




Have a Master’s? Consider These Research Paths

Paul McGonigle shares the research opportunities that exist for neuroscientists with a Master’s degree.




How Can a Neuroscientist Work for the Government?

It may not be the most obvious career path, but working in the government can utilize scientific skills and knowledge developed during your PhD training.




What It’s Like to Do Research at a Small Institution

Melissa Harrington is the interim associate vice president for research, director of the Delaware Center for Neuroscience Research, and professor of biology at Delaware State University (DSU). In My…


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