3rd FALAN MEETING September 2020

3rd FALAN MEETING September 14-17th 2020

Freitas, s/n. Marco, Belém, Pará, Brazil.

Dear Neuroscientists,
It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 3rd Congress of the Federation of Latin-American and Caribbean Societies for Neuroscience (FALAN) to be held in Belém do Pará (Amazon-Brazil) from September 14th to 17th, 2020.

The first Latin-American meeting held in Búzios-Brazil, in 2008 was the initial step towards the creation of FALAN. Once established, the first formal meeting of FALAN was held in Cancun-Mexico in 2012. The second one was held in Buenos Aires-Argentina, in 2016. Today we are delighted to inform you that the Sociedade Brasileira de Neurociências e Comportamento (Brazilian Society of Neurosciences and Behavior – SBNeC) together with FALAN will host the 3rd FALAN Congress in Belém, in the state of Pará, in the Amazon region.

Four national neuroscience meetings of our region will take place under the umbrella of FALAN´s Belém meeting. They are the “XLIII Reunião Anual of the Sociedade Brasileira de Neurociências e Comportamento, the “XVI Reunión Anual de la Sociedad Chilena de Neurociencias”, the “Jornadas de la Sociedad de Neurociencias del Uruguay” and the “XXXIV Congreso Anual de la Sociedad Argentina de Investigación en Neurociencias”. In addition, the Colegio Colombiano de Neurociencias will also take place in FALAN2020. The other FALAN societies are also supporting and promoting this Congress as one of the major activities of the year 2020. IBRO and the Latin-American Regional Committee (LARC) are expected to provide strong financial and logistic assistance to our conference.

The 3rd FALAN Congress project reflects the vigorous and fast-growing pace of neuroscience in the region and the institutional strengthening of FALAN. Given the scientific and institutional significance of the 3rd FALAN Congress we warmly invite you to join us in Belém in September 2020.

The aim of the Congress is to promote neuroscience in the region and at the same time to provide the Latin-American neuroscience community with an environment where the search and sharing of ideas and techniques will pave the way for more interaction among the Latin-American neuroscientists. This meeting should serve as an important showcase to portrait the high-quality science in Latin-America and the Caribbean, as well as to provide a window to open new research opportunities to reach the neuroscience community across the world.

The meeting is being organized by FALAN together with the SBNeC and a scientific committee composed by representatives of most FALAN societies. This international committee is developing a high-quality program where all the important areas and relevant topics in neuroscience will feature. Plenary lectures and symposia on specific subjects will be organized. An important part of the meeting schedule and space will be devoted to poster presentations. Satellite activities, in particular courses directed to PhD students, will be encouraged and supported. We are committed to ensure the participation of scientists from all over Latin-America and the Caribbean, and expect, as is the tradition in our country, to reach a good balance in terms of gender and ethnic representation, always committed to the highest academic standard.

We look forward to seeing you in Belém from the September 14th to 17th, 2020, to share and enjoy an excellent scientific and cultural program.

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